Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Unlocking process.

Currently we provide only iPhone unlocks so all topics described in the FAQ section are only for iPhones.

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  • What firmware and basebands can we unlock?

    We get asked this all the time on our Facebook page - because we sell official carrier unlocks and not software hacks, what firmware and baseband you have is unimportant - we can unlock ALL firmwares and basebands (including 04.11.08, 04.12.02, 05.16.05 etc), now and new ones which come out in the future. The only important question we have is 'what network is your iPhone locked to'.

  • What is Unlocking?

    Unlocking is a simple process that removes all cellular locks on your mobile device. This will allow you continue using your device when switching service providers and avoid the need to purchase multiple devices. In particular we provide you with an official, permanent, imei based unlock directly from the Apple database.This will allow you to use your iPhone in ANY carrier around the world. As it states, this is official iPhone factory unlock and there is no need of 'Jailbreaking' the iPhone, using some 3rd party SIM interposers which will definitely void your warranty. With the official iPhone unlock you dont have any restrictions for updating the iOS to the latest version and most important: THIS WILL NOT VOID YOUR WARRANTY!

  • I dont know if my iPhone is locked or unlocked.

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  • Why should I unlock?

    Once your mobile device is unlocked you will have the ability to insert almost any carriers SIM card in your device. It will allow you to travel the world and avoid pesky roaming fees. It will also allow you to change your device to different service providers without having to sign those lengthy contract terms.

  • How does unlocking my phone work?

    Once your order is submitted our team will generate your unlock code. This code, along with unlocking instructions will be sent to you via email. Follow the instructions and once the unlock code is entered, your device will be instantly unlocked!

  • Why is my phone locked?

    It's carrier business. They provide with discounts when purchasing an iPhone, and making you sign a 1/2/3 year contract. For example AT&T gives you the iPhone 5 for $ 199 but with a 2 year contract. This makes sense. If the iPhone isn't SIM Locked, the users would sign up contract with one carrier, where the iPhone is free of charge, stop paying the bills (breaking the contract) and they will continue using it on a different carrier or even sell it for profit. SIM lock makes that much harder and keeping the carrier protected. Thankfully, our official iPhone unlock allow you to remove these restrictions and gain access to all carriers!

  • Is unlocking my phone safe?

    Absolutely! Unlocking any device is completely safe. Many of our unlock codes our even provided straight from the manufacturer! There is absolutely no risk involved when unlocking your device!

  • What iPhone models can you unlock?

    As we mentioned, we offer official factory unlock for any iPhone model, any baseband version and any iOS version. Because of this, we are not interested in the baseband version, iOS version or iPhone model. Our unlocks are permanent official factory unlocks done directly in the Apple's Database.

  • Do I have to send the iPhone to you for unlocking?

    NO! All we need is the IMEI number from the iPhone you want to get unlocked. After you have purchased an unlock, wait for a confirmation email from us and we will provide you with the details on how to proceed with the unlock.

  • How to find my IMEI number?

    Simply by dialing *#06# on your Phone, or go to Settings, General, About and find the IMEI Section. Please be aware do not get the IMEI from the box because sometimes boxes are switched and this in particular if you buy second-hand iPhone from eBay for example.

  • My iPhone is blocked/barred/lost/stolen. Can you unlock it?

    Absolutely. The extra fee for this is at least £ 35 (this depends on the carrier and/or country).
    Please be aware however that if the handset is reported as blocked, or lost or stolen, then it will only work outside the country it was barred in (as the networks share the blacklist and will refuse service).

  • Is unlocking my handset legal?

    Unlocking your iPhone is completely legal in most of the countries (this depends on the country where your iPhone is locked, not where you plan to use it). In addition, there are some limitation of unlocking iPhone, only in USA. According to the DMCA law presented at January 26th. It clearly states, any device manufactured after 26th of January will be ILLEGAL to unlock. This on the other hand does not harm either you, or us as a company, but please be aware before purchasing official iPhone unlock for USA carriers. If you purchase an unlock for iPhone manufactured after this date, you will not get refund and you will not get your iPhone unlocked.

  • How long does it takes after purchasing to get my iPhone unlocked?

    Depends on the carrier. From couple of hours (AT&T USA, most Australia networks) up to several days. As this is official iPhone unlock there might be some delays sometimes. All unlocks are processed during the normal working hours (Monday-Friday). Have in mind that unlocking Barred/Blocked/Lost/Stolen handsets may take a little longer.

  • How much it costs?

    The price is carrier dependant. Price range starts from £ 19.99 for most popular carriers like AT&T USA, and rises up. However we are always open for suggestions, negotiation, price match! You've heard it well, if you find any legitimate seller of iPhone unlocks online, name it and we'll match the price.

  • How to get my iPhone unlocked?

    Right here, right now. Simply click here and start the official iPhone unlocking procedure


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